• Coffee

    Famed the world over for its distinctive blueberry mocha flavour, Harrar coffee fetches some of the highest prices for unwashed coffee in the world market.

  • Ethiopian Spices
    Ethiopian Spices

    Ethiopia produces a wide variety of spices which mainly include Black Cumin Seed, Dry Ginger, Cardamom Whole and Coriander Seed.

  • Pulses

    Ethiopian White Pea Beans, Red Kidney Beans and Horse Beans are grown in the Rift Valley area and possess high nutritional supplement with high export demand in developed nations.

  • Premium Quality Sesame Seed
    Premium Quality Sesame Seed

    Ethiopia provides a wide variety of premium quality sesame Seed, locally named "Selitt", with distinct aroma and taste sourced from Humera, Gonder and Wollega. Ethiopian sesame comes in various shades including but not limited to whitish, mixed and reddish tints.


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Yiwu Danxe is registerd in China. Our office is located in Zhejiang,Yiwu, China.Our main specialities are :

Product Sourcing, Custom Product Manufacturing,Protoype Making & Packaging,Design Service ,Strategic Partner Identification, Factory Audit & Visit, Quality Control & Inspection, Procurement Managerment & Client's China Buying Office Management, and Logistic Management.

China has become the preferred outsourcing destination because of its diverse and skillful workforce, developed infrastructure and competitive cost of manufacturing. The cost of importing products from China will be much lower than our clients purchasing products in their home countries. Many companies do not have the international purchasing experience and resources to find, investigate and negotiate with Chinese suppliers. Even for experienced foreign importing companies may also encounter problems when they are dealing with their existing suppliers or new suppliers.

Given our close proximity to manufacturing base, our team sharing the same culture and language as the suppliers, with over 3,000 factories currently listed in our database and many years of experience in dealing with a diverse range of products that involve different type of materials, we trust that we can source for our clients a comprehensive choice of products that meet their standards and supply products made in accordance to their specifications. Below are the product categories and the types of materials which our company has experience with :

Our expertise in production know-how, knowledge of material properties and extensive network with factories ensure our clients to materialize a custom product with the best material of its kind within the given budget. Our client-oriented team is specialized in development of complex products which involve different materials and various parts. Our team will work intensively with clients and provide close supervision at every stage of product development to ensure the product is developed according to clients' specifications. In collaboration of our proficiency in manufacturing, new ideas, alternative use of materials and production technique are often explored throughout the course of product development.

Clients can also outsource making of prototype and packaging design to our company, while they can focus their resources on sales and marketing of their products. Minimal space consumption and security are always incorporated with the aesthetic of a packaging design.

In response to the fierce competition in the market, a lot of clients are considering to reduce their costs by moving their products to produce in China. Yet, they are reluctant to move this step forward due to their concerns in intellectual property right protection, finding the right factory, inexperience with China trading and other issues. We can assist our clients in identifying the best suited factory by providing an independent analysis on all potential factories.

It might be necessary for some companies to work with factories which are required to operate in compliance to specific code of conducts and standards (e.g. compliance to IS0 9000 standards, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) , Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and etc.). We provide service of factory audit and factory visit on behalf of clients whom wish to purchase directly with the factory.

The ISO Standards are considered a consensus on good management practices with the aim of ensuring that the organization can time again deliver the product or services that meet the client's quality requirements. Factory in compliance to ISO 9000 standards are not quality control standards for products per se, but are instead management systems standards that help businesses assure that they are following a set system for the production of their goods and/or services. Although many factories in China are in non-compliance to such standards, they are capable of supplying products with good quality at competitive pricing.

Our in-house quality control team can provide independent inspection service at different stages of production process to assist our clients to achieve their quality assurance goals:

A preproduction sample will be made and approved by client before order confirmation. Then, raw materials and components can be ordered according to approval sample in order to avoid considerable discrepancy in actual production. Yet client should well aware that a minor difference from the pre-production sample to the actual production is common in China manufacturing.

We can perform random quality check at different stages of production upon request. We can conduct inspection services according to the worldwide acknowledged international Acceptable Quality Control standards (AQL ) or to clients' internal inspection guideline upon request.

For low-cost item where budget is very tight and inspection can only take place right before shipment, first available production sample will always be requested and checked in our office to avoid any deviations from the expected final good. If problem is found with the production sample, our team will immediately inform the factory for corrective action. Our quality control team will also provide solution and personal guidance to the factory when problems arise at the time of inspection so that unforeseen problems could be found and resolved quickly before delivery. Of course, client will also be informed immediately if there is any problem with the production. Production might be put on hold until further instruction by client if a problem cannot be solved at the time of inspection.

To ensure the complete order of good is of satisfactory quality, on-site inspection is performed prior to delivery. A representative sampling size will be inspected according to client's product specifications (i.e. quantity, color, function, size, packing details, carton marking, labeling and etc.) Final production sample can also be sent to client for approval upon request and prior to delivery.

Given our proximity to mainland China, client can appoint our company as their buying office or representative office in China where procurement can be handled more cost effectively and time efficiently.

Hong Kong is synonymous with the gateway to Mainland China. It is also notorious for its low-tax regime (with average corporate tax between 16% -17.5 %), its well established law system and its economic freedom. Our company has many  years of experience in managing the business operation of a Hong Kong registered company set up by overseas companies. By capitalizing our office, manpower, resources and expertise, our clients can enjoy the low-tax regime and benefits of a Hong Kong registered company at a reasonably low set-up charge.

May it be sea / air freight, regular air post, sea parcel post and other courier services (UPS / DHL / TNT / FEDERAL EXPRESS and etc.), we work closely with our sister forwarding company Greenever International Limited, a -known logistic organizations in order to offer a full range of competitive and time efficient delivery service. Split delivery on an order by different means of transportation and arrangement can be handled upon client's request. Designated freight forwarding company by client is also welcome. Support by our extensive logistic network, we can minimize the delivery time by arranging the earliest available shipment / flight according to the completion date of production. To optimize sea and air freight charge, we provide service to our clients in consolidating products manufactured by different factories in container load shipment or less than container load shipment in a single delivery.

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