• Coffee

    Famed the world over for its distinctive blueberry mocha flavour, Harrar coffee fetches some of the highest prices for unwashed coffee in the world market.

  • Ethiopian Spices
    Ethiopian Spices

    Ethiopia produces a wide variety of spices which mainly include Black Cumin Seed, Dry Ginger, Cardamom Whole and Coriander Seed.

  • Pulses

    Ethiopian White Pea Beans, Red Kidney Beans and Horse Beans are grown in the Rift Valley area and possess high nutritional supplement with high export demand in developed nations.

  • Premium Quality Sesame Seed
    Premium Quality Sesame Seed

    Ethiopia provides a wide variety of premium quality sesame Seed, locally named "Selitt", with distinct aroma and taste sourced from Humera, Gonder and Wollega. Ethiopian sesame comes in various shades including but not limited to whitish, mixed and reddish tints.


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We, Yistma Bussiness Travel Agency, offer a range of products and solutions and will work with you to create a travel management programme that fits your organisational culture and business needs. Our genuinely flexible service focuses on making your travel, event and logistics planning simpler and more cost-effective.
It is our belief that we are right for your corporate travel management needs because we bring you:

A successful Business Travel Agent

Long established and powerful supplier relationships, resulting in the best possible terms, including specially negotiated bulk air fares and hotel rates
Contact us today for more information about how we can deliver your travel management objectives.


In today's economy, every company is looking to get the best value in business hotels, flight, meeting facilities. Jet travel will make all the arrangements for your business trip, vacations and reunions, city destinations. We offer our clients a complete travel solution, from shortening the planning phase to understanding the business requirements and schedule of the traveller. We are very appreciative of all your hard work and you keen attention to details.

Flight tickets

Maximising savings is a question of having the best systems and the best solutions, and access to all available published and private fares.


Each client has differing location demands. However, we are able to secure favourable hotel rates in all locations. This is a particular benefit to clients who may not have much volume in a given city and as a result customers benefit from discounted rates based on our overall buying power.

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